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Thom McKee Filled with rich life experiences, passion, dedication, and limitless talent, writing great memorable songs comes naturally for Thom McKee.


McKee was born and raised in a small northwestern Ohio town called Delphos. It was the kind of town where everyone was family and there were plenty of girls and back country roads to go chase. Growing up in a small town had its perks. There were always plenty of life stories and crazy neighbors to write about.


At the early age of 14, McKee was already writing and singing songs on his guitar. Never shy about performing, he often performed in church and for his family. Continued motivation guided McKee to Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri to study music and hone his musical skills to an even greater degree.


After college, McKee returned to Ohio to perform again. This time, leading the state in popularity for his singing and performing. He has remained in the upper ranks on Reverb Nation for numerous years!


Being on stage is a great way to find out what the fans truly like and react to the most. McKee says. “I want the listener to feel like my songs could have easily have been written about their own lives!” McKee has had a multitude of recent songs on internet and Tennesee radio. There is even a song still being requested in Afghanistan by our American soldiers! Currently two Ohio bands have requested mechanical licenses to record some of Thom’s work for projects and radio play. One of McKee’s latest songs climbed to #12 and was featured as the “Spot Light Song of the Week” on Nashville’s popular VRadio music streaming service


The future is certanly bright for Thom McKee! With well over 120 solo-writes, and even more co-writes under his belt, his drive and consistent weekly writing habits will continue to fuel the growth of his already large catalog.

Thom Mckee
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