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heather cohen Heather Cohen Biography
Missouri native Heather Cohen first came to Nashville in 2001 and knew right away that it was where she belonged. Her first Nashville job was at Lonnie’s Western Room in Printer’s Alley, where she first began to network and build relationships with other songwriters.


Ms. Cohen has performed on many lower-Broadway stages, including Tootsies and The Stage, and has co-written more than a hundred songs with some of Nashville’s most well-known and respected songwriters. Her self-released single “Could’ve Been Me” (Cohen/Rutledge) made independent radio charts, where it stayed for nearly six months hitting #1 in October of 2010.


Ms. Cohen has become a staple in the Nashville music scene and continues to write and perform her original music in some of the most sought after venues in music city. She is currently finishing her bachelor’s degree and plans to attend law school in 2014. Upon finishing her J.D. she aspires to launch her own entertainment firm on music row, where she can mentor up and coming artists and help them launch their careers in the music business.


Heather Cohen
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