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What is arnybarn ?
My whole name is Arnold David Colvin, named for my GrandDad, Arnold David Stapleton.

He called me "Little A.D."

Anyway, through my elementary and high school career I was "David". When I went to Illinois State University I lived in the dorm at 1032 Manchester Hall.

The first day of college, they had placed everyone's name on their doors. For my door the had "Arnold Colvin" I took it off as soon as I got there but during the first "Floor meeting" someone said, "I saw an Arnold, which one is he?" Well, everyone seemed to think Arnold was a funny name and from that point on I was "Arnie"

My 2nd roommate, Mike, started calling me ArnWa, ArnsBarger, and other various derivations of the name.

One of those versions was Arnie Barney and that seem to stick - especially with my girlfriend and future wife.

Arnie Barney eventually scaled down to ArnyBarn and that is what is has been ever since.

But you can call me Dave...... :>)


Why arizona drive ?
When I published the song “I Wanna Be Your Girl” written by Heather Cohen and Jeff Wilbanks, Jeff is affiliated with ASCAP so to handle publishing I needed to create a sister company for BMI’s Arnybarn Music.
After trying to come up with ideas for a name, my wife, Debbie, came up with the idea “Arizona Drive Music” Arizona Drive is the street she and I lived on when we met in Decatur Illinois when we were around 10 years old! We both thought it was the perfect name for the ASCAP company!

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